Renovation Cover


Your property is likely to be one of your most valuable assets. If you are planning to carry out a renovation project, it is important to make sure the relevant cover is in place to protect your investment.

Most residential property insurers will restrict the size and nature of renovation work they are prepared to cover under a standard home policy. They are also likely to exclude the materials on site and any resulting damage should the unexpected happen to your existing property such as burst pipes, water damage whilst the work is being undertaken, a collapsed wall or a serious fire or theft. This is where our options will provide the right footings to protect your investment.

Home Choice are specialists in property renovation and extension insurance. Whether you are undertaking a major renovation or a small extension, we work with a wide selection of insurance providers to find an insurance policy to suit your needs. Whatever work you are planning, we are confident that a conversation with us will help you understand your needs and get the cover you need.

So, whether it is for: – 

  • An extension
  • Loft conversion
  • Internal renovation and conversion
  • Contracts being undertaken under JCT conditions
  • Basement excavation and conversion
  • General external renovation
  • Environmental installations

we have the answers!  What’s more, we present your needs to a wide range of specialist insurance suppliers, so are confident the we can offer you the right levels of cover for you and competitively priced premiums.

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